Cabinet softening system EKS 40 & 100                                   

Traditional water softeners for calcium-free water, based on the ion-exchange systemKombienthrter

 APPLICATIONS: Detached or semi-detached homes, residential complexes.

° Comfort and protection for your skin.
° Increases the useful life of electrical
   appliances and pipes.
° Reduces the consumption of detergents
   and cleaning products by up to 50%.
° Avoids the formation of
   hard-to-remove limescale.
° Reduces energy and electricity
   consumption, ensuring financial savings.

Operating system:
Waterhouse only supplies water softeners based on ion-exchange technology.

Only this technology - which has been constantly developed in recent decades with proven results - can efficiently and economically remove calcium dissolved in water. Systems in the fully-automatic ATTRO-EKS series are specifically designed to remove calcium from water in residential complexes and smaller homes.

Thanks to the appliances’ compact design, they can be fitted in tight spaces. Equipped with a flow-rate control valve, forced regeneration and disinfection mechanism, the ATTRO-EKS series stands out for its economic design, incorporating all the latest technical features.