ATTRO-DE 120- 560                                                                   

Double-filter water softeners for calcium-free water, based on ion-exchange technology.

Water softeners in the ATTRO-DE series are designed to remove calcium totally or partially from drinking water and non-drinking water. Because they are “duplex” systems, they are ideal for storing soft water. They can also be used for partially descaling well water and water in processing systems, boilers, and refrigeration, heating or air-conditioning systems.


° Comfort and protection for your skin.
° Increases the useful life of electrical
   appliances and pipes.
° Reduces the consumption of
   detergents and cleaning products
   by up to 50%.
° Avoids the formation of
   hard-to-remove limescale.
° Reduces energy and electricity
   consumption, ensuring financial savings.

Operating system:
Ion-exchange water softeners substitute calcium and magnesium ions, which form limescale, with neutral sodium ions. This is done with the aid of ion-exchange resin beads, based on a scientifically proven principle. When the resin beads become saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, they are automatically regenerated using a salt brine solution. This operating system is also used in double-filter systems from the ATTRO-DE series.