Drinking water can become unsuitable for drinking

Even though current legislation is strictly complied with during the water treatment process, when this water is stored or piped to consumers it can soon turn into a potential hygiene risk.

This mainly occurs as a result of badly planned, bad quality or obsolete supply networks, because the water remains in pipes or tanks too long (and thus stagnates) or because supply points (taps and showerheads) become focuses of contamination, due to dirt or impurities.

As approved water sanitation specialists, we have designed a series of global water sanitation systems (in close collaboration with architects, fitters and experts in water supply networks) to meet the needs of our customers. We also supply specific components aimed at maintaining the hygiene standards and quality of water supplies.

Below are some examples of our patented water sanitation products:

Fold-down drinking water tap
After use, the tap folds down into “stand-by position”,
isolated from possible atmospheric bacterial contamination.
At the same time, it self-cleans at regular intervals (with and
without disinfectant products).

 Logic block
Among other possible filter options, this “smart water
sanitation unit” incorporates a disinfection section,
flowmeter, pressure regulator and magnetic valves.
Through a smart control system, it guarantees the
generation and, above all, maintenance of hygiene-safe
drinking water.  

 Water supply disinfection unit
Designed to be safe and easy to handle, this system
disinfects pipes in water dispensers, dentists’ surgeries
and building water supply networks in simple, efficient style.