Is there such a thing as a magic solution?

A firm with extensive experience in the drinking water treatment sector, we are committed to guaranteeing customers the best possible water purification systems, ensuring totally healthy drinking water supplies. 

As with other sectors, the water treatment sector has yet to come up with a “magic solution” - that is, a universal filter system for all common applications, regardless of the origin of the water to be treated or its subsequent use. A wide range of filter systems can be found on the market, designed to cover various different needs. Why not let us guide you? We will find the product that best suits your needs and your budget.

Drinking water is so much more than a consumer good. It is the fundamental component in our diet!

We present some examples of our range of drinking water filter systems:

ATTRO-Slim reverse osmosis system
- Capacity: up to 150 litres per day

ATTRO-Filter Plus+ microfilter unit
- Capacity: up to 8 litres per minute


This is just a brief insight into our range of Waterhouse products. Ask us for our expert advice, and we will be only too pleased to find a system tailor made to meet your needs.