ATTRO Filter Plus                                                                        

...technical innovations for quality drinking water

APPLICATIONS: Drinking water for houses, flats, vessels and offices. Also ideal for connecting to ice-making machines.

° Mineral drinking water from
your “own personal spring”.
° A high flow rate, allowing direct 
   connection to your kitchen taps.
° Also functions with low-pressure 
   water supplies for use on vessels.
° Can be assembled in tight spaces
   under kitchen sinks.
° No more buying, carrying and paying
   for the storage of water bottles.

   Operating system:
With ATTRO Filter Plus*, Waterhouse offers consumers a high-performance filter system, even with low-pressure water supplies. This means that it can be used on vessels, while also ensuring unbeatable performance elsewhere, in places like houses, apartments or offices.

Because it incorporates an outstandingly high precision filter (0.00015 mm), the system removes virtually all pollutant particles (“up to 99.99999%”): chlorine, pesticides, odorous substances and even bacteria and germs.

In this way, fully filtered drinking water can be obtained as an alternative to bottled water, perfect for making drinks, cooking food etc. In addition, ATTRO MicroPlus+ can easily be used to filter existing drinking water, even if it contains high concentrations of lead or copper (*Retention > 90%).

In the event of high concentrations of salt, calcium or nitrates, Waterhouse recommends the use of an ATTRO reverse osmosis system, like ATTRO-Slim.