ATTRO Slim  -  reverse osmosis                                                

... quality drinking water, thanks to high-precision filter systems

APPLICATIONS: Drinking water for houses, flats, vessels and offices

°  Mineral drinking water from your “own personal spring”.
°  Decalcified water, perfect for coffee-makers and kettles.
°  Ideal for preparing baby food.
°  Separate drinking water tap.
°  Can be assembled in tight spaces under kitchen sinks.
°  No more buying, carrying and paying for the storage of water bottles.


   Operating system:
Waterhouse® ATTRO-Slim reverse osmosis systems provide you with “a personal spring” in your own home. No matter how good or bad the standard of the mains water to your home, ATTRO systems will turn it into superior quality, good tasting drinking water.
Because these systems incorporate “membrane” technology, they are perfect for removing all harmful substances dissolved in the water.
Osmotic water is also the best for preparing baby food, since it barely contains any sodium, minerals or nitrates, and all germs have been removed.
Special water for babies can be purchased at specialist stores, but why buy a more expensive product when you can “make it yourself” at home? Furthermore, “osmotic water “ is also great for making fruit juices for the kids.