Swimming pool pump Model KS 30 - 300              

For your swimming pool’s technical equipment to work properly, you must have the right filter and circulation pump. The pump draws water from the pool through skimmers, drains or the overflow through to the filter system, where it is filtered and disinfected. The water’s constant circulation also ensures that any products used to treat the water are evenly distributed throughout the whole of the basin.

Because a pump carries out such an important function, the key factors to be taken into account when choosing a pump are its quality and performance. Waterhouse pumps are top-quality, high-tech products with a long useful life, guaranteeing high performance and minimum noise.

Our product range also includes a wide variety of swimming pool pumps designed for the most broad-ranging of facilities, from counter current systems to massage stations and cascades.

Let us advise you. Together we will find the pump that best suits the filter system of your pool or water attraction.