The first step in sanitizing the water and guaranteeing its compatibility with the skin is to regulate the pH...

Why is it so important to ensure the right pH level?
The right pH is from 7.0 to 7.4, and this is the basis for getting the balance of the water right. If the pH is outside these ideal levels, any other steps that you take to disinfect the swimming pool or sanitize the water will not work properly.

How often should the pH be checked?
Keeping the pH at the right level plays a very important role in all other maintenance procedures. It is best to use an automatic measuring system to monitor the pH, because the level can vary considerably due to the action of external factors like rain, dirt, pollen, sweat, dead skin cells, solar radiation, grass, cosmetics, leaves, sun cream, hair, oil etc.

If the pH is not at the right level, the following types of problems can arise: